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The American Theocratic Party is getting on its feet. This website alone is built on weeks of dedicated work, registration and other fees, and paid advertisement on various platforms. Given the financial situation of the people involved, this is a heavy burden and anyone who wishes to lighten this load would be greatly appreciated. Currently we do not have a formal budget for the American Theocratic Party, any donations may be used to pay registration or other fees, or buy a metaphorical cup of coffee for people involved for their time and effort.


Welcome to the American Theocratic Party!

Making America Great With God's help.

God's Word is Law

It’s is our goal to incrementally replace the Federal Register and the Constitution with the Word of God as it is seen in the Bible. Government structure, with supreme court and other institutions, would remain in place and function as they always have; only referencing different material.

The reasoning behind this is that America has fallen into sin. As is shown by modern America and even in ancient Israel on occasion (such as when Moses was on the mountain top and Aaron was left in charge), democracy is nothing more than a structured form of mob rule in which public opinion is held above what is objectively right.

America First

America First, for America. Other nations should adopt the same method. If you read any part of the Bible which references Israel you will see a strong sense of Nationalism among the Godly Israelite's There were twelve tribes, under God’s command. If one strayed from God the remaining tribes could rebuke and correct them. They maintained this nationalism with strong national borders defended by the military. To immigrate to their nation, you had agree to follow God’s laws.

Freedom From Sin

In the United States of America most of us grow up being pushed through a very secular government controlled school system which indoctrinates us from an early age to be secular naturalists, then many anti-Christian professors are allowed to influence still developing minds in college. The secular music and film industry does not help any either. To top it off, your tax dollars are going to fund evil activities. Think of all the wrong you’ve done. If it were illegal and you had been brought up right, would you have still done as much wrong? It’s time to break out of these sinful chains you are being held in and rise up to glorify God.

Welcome to the American Theocratic Party

Many people may ask why America needs a Theocratic Party, or they may say that this is not what America is about. The answer is because the values of Americans have changed over the years. In scripture you can see the great nation of Israel break away from the then oppressive Egyptians. Their prophet Moses goes up on a mountain to speak with God, and while he is gone for only forty days learning from the Lord Israel forms a type of republic electing Aaron as their leader. They then turn to blasphemous practices which would have lead God's children to eternal hell had it not been corrected. America is at this point. While it would be wrong to force faith on people, it is just as wrong to make blasphemous and sinful practices legal under a human government. This is what the American Theocratic Part wishes to fix. Simply reform United States law to reflect scriptural values. Anyone who sins in a way which would effect only themselves, that is between them and God. Anyone who's sin would prevent another person from being Godly or even encourage others to sin, would be punished according to the severity of the sin. While it is our hope that this theocratic form of government will spread throughout the world, national borders and languages must be respected so if any one state or nation might try to incorrectly translate or misuse God's word others may step in and correct the issues, much like how translation into other languages has upheld scripture.

Where We Stand on the Issues

Of course there will always be different views on political issues. The American Theocratic Party will stand with God on theses issues. Of course non-violent offenders whose crimes only hurt themselves and their relationship with God would only be rebuked and releases. Those who intentionally attack another persons faith or the more violent offenders such as unjustified murders and rapists (once crimes are proven to have taken place) would be appropriately and publicly punished as soon as possible. Cases of capital punishment would be delayed to give the offender time to read scripture and get right with God. See below for more specifics on key issues facing the political world today.

From the moment of conception to old age, human life was created by God and is sacred. He acknowledged our person-hood before birth as shown in Isaiah 44:24. The ending of an innocent life is murder, which the Bible forbids in Exodus 20:13, be it an assault rifle fired on a crowd or the killing of the unborn in a clinic. War should be avoided when possible, but is permitted if our way of life is attacked. Some crimes, such as murder, may warrant death. When it comes to euthanasia, you do not know what God's plan is for your life; we are to serve God in all things and not only when we feel good. This is shown in Job 2:9-10 when Job's wife suggest this to him while he is suffering.

Marriage was created by God to be a union between a Man and a Woman in order to form a stable home to raise godly children. Genesis 2:24 shoes this. Ephesians 5:25 shows that husbands should love their wives. No human organization has the right to redefine what God laid out. However all people deserve the same rights, so perhaps extend the tax breaks and other benefits to homosexuals and even people who are just roommates. You must be kind to nonbelievers and show them God's love, then rebuke sin once they choose to follow God.

While it is true that in biblical times guns did not exist, the weapon of the day was the sword, and nearly everyone carried one. If not a sword, a knife. The point is, everyone was armed all the time, and crime rates were low and the police did not have to work as hard. With heavily armed citizen base, the official military and police forces could be allowed to reduce as people retire.

Scripture shows that we are all children of God, and are all descendants of Adam and Eve. Besides this, we are all one species as proven by the human genome project. Additionally, there is nobody who is white or black, we are all various shades of the same color, brown. All humans are one race, so there is no room for racism in our society. The concept of race should be removed from job applications and government forms, and race denoting terms such as "white" or "African American" should no longer be used. Solve racism by forgetting the concept of race. We are all humans, and all citizens of the United States are all Americans.

God split humans by language for a number of reasons. One effect of this is that his word would be translated into the languages of various nations. If someone modified the text the others would show it to be a counterfeit, much like an early form of block-chain verification. We choose nationalism for a similar reason, because a global society run by a few individuals would become corrupt, but many nations could correct a signal nation which has strayed. It just be stressed that nationalism has works better in the America's than it has historically done in Europe, so a nationalist America should not be compared to the Nazi party.

Children should be taught good values and life skills, not just useless facts and widely debated theories. Parents should definitely have more of a say in what kids should learn than a government, and not all kids learn the same. Parents should teach their children, so the American Theocratic Party would be in favor of more and better homeschooling, as was done in ancient times.

Our government should stay out of Jobs, and the forming of Unions for that matter. Of course there will be state sponsored jobs, such as road repair and stuff, but that's not my point. Unions can be left up to employees to choose or not. Personally I think it's a good thing to have. If the government did not over regulate and over tax business at multiple levels for various schemes, business could afford to hire more people and make better quality parts. However it would depend on people choosing to boycott companies who do not comply with quality and employee treatment expectations. Our government had been killing business for decades.

This one is complicated. The Bible does not explicitly state weather or not Marijuana use is permitted, so you have to look deeper to get an answer. The Bible speaks of wine and beer, indicating that consuming these to enhance once mood a bit is permitted, however becoming so inebriated that you are prone to falling into sin is in itself a sin. The key here seems to be avoiding overindulgence with mind altering substances. The Bible states that God gave us green herbs for food and medicinal use, and even praises an herb known as the “plant of renown”. This herb has been shown to provide medical benefits. There have been many people in modern times indicate that the moderate use of Marijuana may make a person seem more Christ like but one should rely on God for this.

Debt is crushing us, and making generosity more difficult. For this reason the American Theocratic Party supports the reinstatement of the jubilee, where every seven years all debt is canceled among people within the nation. All loans and lines of credit would be given and moderated based on time since and time until the next jubilee. There would be a lot more cash transactions because of this. If a fellow American citizen owes another money or property, it should be paid before this day, otherwise it is forgiven. If you owe someone from another nation money or property, or they owe you, the debt would still be required to be paid. National debt would be paid by an intense reduction in national spending. Many social programs would be handed off to churches, police forces and military would be downsized through natural attenuation, and useless paperwork and spying programs would be removed. Once national debt is paid off, taxes could be cut dramatically.

Modesty is a value that America has forgotten. It has been pointed out that some women wear less in public settings (parties, pool, beach, television, dances) than they do to bed with their own husbands. Now the blame is not only on women, men are at fault too; however this can lead to impure thoughts in people. Sometimes this is the intent. We must all learn to dress appropriately and adjust public indecency laws to match what is right.

In recent history theocratic states have been fairly anti-science. When people think of theocracy they think of early astronomers being executed for crimes against the church or similar tales, because this is what is thought in schools. In reality many of today’s modern technologies were developed by Christians, and many forms of science come from early Islam. The reason a few theocrats have been weary of science is because their faith was weak. True science should discover the laws of the natural world, which God created.

Johannes Kepler said it best, “thinking God’s thoughts after Him. I was merely thinking God’s thoughts after Him. Since we astronomers are priests of the highest God in regard to the book of nature, it benefits us to be thoughtful, not of the glory of our minds, but rather, above all else, of the glory of God.”

Some of the science she American Theocratic Party is interested in include: nanotech, time dilation effects, faster than light travel, wormhole based travel and communications, and high power telescopes. If you can quickly send a telescope thousands of light-years away, and quickly reading a signal for it, you can watch the life of Christ or even the creation of the Earth. With nanotech you can take healing and education to the next level.

For these reasons, a theocratic America would support the sciences more than the current secular model does.

News and Updates

Your official source for news related to the American Theocratic Party. Updates on relevant current events, site updates, and the state of the nation. Click a headline below to read the article. was built on a cellphone and was a rushed job, because of this many aspects of the website were not that great. There was an unacceptable level of spelling errors and place-holder elements in the finished product. It has been completely re-done and should provide a pleasurable browsing experience. All of the content is found in this one sleek and modern page-less website. The navigation buttons can take you to a section or keep up with you while you scroll. Many lists are clickable and will give you information or perform other tasks related to the information. In addition to working better and being easier to navigate, there is a forum you may sign up for and discus theocratic ideas for this great nation. The site should also load much faster now. Enjoy and God Bless, and of course Merry Christmas!

The Democrats took the House and the Republicans kept the Senate. What does this mean, what happens now? I’ll explain in a way which grossly oversimplifies the issues so that anyone can understand, rather they are politically studied or not, or maybe even an outsider looking in. The House of Representatives generally represents the population of a state while the Senate represents the government of the states. The important thing here is that the Senate can override the House of Representatives and the Senate also gets the confirm the Presidents Supreme Court Nominations. Republicans generally support conservatives and they currently support President Trump, democrats generally are more liberal and they currently do not support our president. These representatives will be in and out of office in a few years, similar to the president. Now the Supreme Court Justices are in for life, usually serving for three decades or more, and they are the ones who interpret the constitution. Further more the Democrats (currently opposing our president) will now feel less oppressed having a say in legislation. This will take some of the fight out of them, causing the social problems (like antifa) to simmer down allowing President Trump more freedom to do what he needs to do. Under the guidance of Mike Pence, the vice president, this is a good thing for Christians and Theocrats. #theocraticamerica

Get Involved

Are you ready to get the ball rolling? That's Awesome! We have a lot of work to do. The first step is for you to read up on candidates you think will support a theocratic agenda, vote for them and get your friends and family to vote for them. Right now we like Mike Pence and anyone connected to him. But you have other people at the local level in your very own neighborhood who need your vote. Then you can try to reform the nation one website at a time, logging onto forums and posting vital information. If you know any politicians who can help the cause, send them our way. And lastly, if you want to make a financial contribution it would help a lot.

While it’s true that the American Theocratic Party does not appear on any ballots yet. You can still vote theocratic. If you are a blue blooded Democrat or a red blooded Republican, we’re not asking you to change parties. Simply find the best God-honoring candidate, preferably one who states that they will hold scripture over the constitution and public opinion, within your own party and promote them among your friends and family, winning them votes. No matter which party wins, make sure the most theocratic candidate wins.

This one is easy. Most people are online now days. There are a lot of websites which function as anti-Christian echo-chambers. This can be radically secular news websites, conspiracy theory forums, social media, and more. If enough well studied Christians (or other members of Abrahamic faiths who share the same core beliefs) are rallied together and sign up for these websites and log in as an army of spiritual warriors attacking not the user’s but the beliefs of people with facts, statistics, historical references and a deep knowledge of scripture, a few of the users on these sites may be saved and turn into more spiritual warriors.

Do you know a candidate who is a deeply theocratic politician who is also wanting to break with their current secular party? Do you know someone who manages campaigns or can do free promotion for a political party? Have them contact the American Theocratic Party to get the ball rolling.

The American Theocratic Party is getting on its feet. This website alone is built on weeks of dedicated work, registration and other fees, and paid advertisement on various platforms. Given the financial situation of the people involved, this is a heavy burden and anyone who wishes to lighten this lode would be greatly appreciated. Currently we do not have a formal budget for the American Theocratic Party, any donations may be used to pay registration or other fees, or buy a metaphorical cup of coffee for people involved for their time and effort. Due to the current crackdown on conservative and or Christian platforms, we are accepting payment via various Cryptocurrencies.

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